A 90s Hip-Hop Post Pt. I: East Coast


Some call it “The Golden Era.” This is not a definitive list, just a sample. West Coast post to follow.

Lord Finesse: You Know What I’m About (1992) and Shorties Kaught in the System (1994). Probably my favorite MC. He is also a dope producer and DJ.

Gang Starr: Just to Get a Rep (1991) and The Question Remains (1994). The Guru and DJ Premier. Nuff said.

Beatnuts: No Equal and Let Off a Couple (1993). Beatnuts always had the sickest beats.

KRS-ONE/BDP: The Original Way (1992),  Poisonous Products (1992) and MCs Act Like They Don’t Know (1995). I had the opportunity to see BDP a few times and they always came on the stage with like ten people and rocked the show from beginning to end.

Artifacts: Wrong Side of the Tracks (1995) For the graf heads.

Diamond D and the Psychotic Neurotics: F*ck What You Heard (1992). Seriously slept on.

Biggie Smalls: Machinegun Funk and Everyday Struggle (1994).

Eric Sermon: Focus (1995). Solo effort by half of EPMD.

Organized Konfusion: The Extinction Agenda and 3-2-1 (1994). Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch. One of the best rap groups.

Jeru the Damaja: D Original (1994) and You Can’t Stop the Prophet (1995). Whatever happened to Jeru?

Red Man: Can’t Wait (1994). RIP, Shaolin Alan. You are missed. This is for you.

Nas: It Ain’t Hard to Tell and Memory Lane (1994). When Illmatic dropped it turned hip-hop upside down. The lyrics, the flows, the beats. A mind-blowing first release.

Black Sheep: The Choice is Yours (1991).

Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth: Escape (1995). Another epic production.

KMD: What a Niggy Know? (1994). From the unreleased “Black Bastards” LP. MF Doom double bonus (not 90s but wtf).

Ultramagnetic MC’s: Raise It Up (1993). I know I have posted this before but it is that good to merit posting again.

Showbiz and AG: Soul Clap (1992). Can I get a soul clap? C’mon!Wu Tang Clan: Bring da Ruckus (1993). Another one of those albums that changed the sound of hip-hop.

De La Soul: Stakes is High (1995). Long Island’s Finest.

Black Moon: Who Got the Props? (1993). This is dedicated to the ones that kept frontin’…

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