A 90s Hip-Hop Post Pt. II: West Coast



As promised here is my West Coast selection. Heavy on the gangsta tip, I know. What can I say? That was mostly what was poppin’ in Cali at the time. But there were some exceptions, Aceyalone, Freestyle Fellowship, the Nonce, Alkaholics, Pharcyde, Del and Hieroglyphics come to mind.

Plus we also had that DJ scratch madness goin’ on like crazy. I remember when I first moved to S.F. seeing FM 2.0 (Q-Bert, DJ Apollo and Mixmaster Mike) who later became the Invisible Skratch Piklz. Mixmaster Mike DJed a KRSONE show at the Duboce Theater which was epic. He later became the DJ for the Beastie Boys. QBert was totally insane. Here is a taste:

Deal with it…

Aceyalone: Mic Check (1995). If you haven’t heard this before, prepare to have your mind blown.

Too $hort: Money in the Ghetto (1993). Representing Oakland.

Alkaholics: The Next Level (1993) I met my man Mxx11 at an Alkaholics show. Been homees ever since.

RBL Posse: Bammer Weed (1992) I can’t believe this song used to get played on the radio in the Bay Area.

Del the Funky Homosapien: Catch a Bad One (1993). Is that a cello?

The Coup: Not Yet Free (1992). I still like this album, even if Boots is a Maoist and their other albums were not all that great.

Ice Cube: Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. Before he was in wack flicks Cube dropped a few good albums. This is from his first solo effort after NWA.

Spice 1: Peace to My 9 and East Bay Gangsta (1992). I hate to admit it, but I used to bump this so loud the neighbors called the cops on me and it was great in the car too, if your woofers could handle it.

Freestyle Fellowship: Innercity Boundaries (1993).  I posted this previously. Here it is again in case you missed it.

The Nonce: Mix Tapes and Keep it On (1995). Yes, I know what nonce means in the U.K.

Dr. Dre: Lil’ Ghetto Boy (feat. Snoop Dogg) (1992).

Souls of Mischief: 93 Till Infinity (1993). Oakland’s Hieroglyphics Crew.

Pharcyde: Soul Flower (1992). This one is for Bob.

DJ QBert tearing it up in 1991. Here he is again in 1998.

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  1. I know you are otherwise engaged right now, but I only just got to this. Looks like a great selection. I’ve heard lots about Q-Bert, but never seen him in action, so really appreciated these youtubes. Some of these are familiar to me, including the excellent Aceyalone, but others are totally new, so I’ll spend some time playing these.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    And enjoy the adventure of parenthood.

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