Sunday Miscellany


I have not had much, if any, time to blog lately but I have been keeping up with my regular reads. Here is a selection that I hope you will enjoy:

Airforce Amazons: “Exactly wrong.”

Bob from Brockley explains how the left turned to the right

But I am a Liberal reflects on a new piece by Muravchik

Contentious Centrist disects President Obama’s Cairo speech.

Elder of Ziyon: “A Case Study in Replacing Facts with Wishful Thinking.”

Martin in the Margins on Tom Paine.

Modernity Blog takes on racist thug, John Wight

Simply Jews: “Pre-election Iran, pot calling kettle black, pink glasses, etc.

From ZWord I learn of the new online Jewish magazine, Tablet.

The new Perspectives on Politics (published by the American Political Science Association) has an exchange between Robert Lieberman and Mearsheimer/Walt. Check it out if you are interested. Here are the editor’s comments:

We open this issue with a vigorous exchange on a matter that, to put  it mildly, is politically fraught. In a series of provocative  publications beginning in 2006, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt  address what they call “the Israel Lobby” and detail what they see as  the dire consequences that that lobby has generated for American  foreign policy making. In our lead essay here, Robert Lieberman  challenges Walt and Mearsheimer in precisely the way I think debate on  their thesis needs to proceed. Lieberman focuses on the causal claims  Walt and Mearsheimer advance, the evidence they adduce for those  claims, and the ways that their arguments fit with established research  on how American politics operates. Mearsheimer and Walt have written a  spirited response to Lieberman who, in turn, offers a brief reply. It  is safe to say that neither party to this exchange has persuaded the  other. Yet, though their exchange is frank, both Lieberman and  Mearsheimer and Walt keep their eye on the ball—they are concerned to  establish whether and to what extent the Israel lobby exists and  operates in the way Mearsheimer and Walt claim it does.

While my wife was in the hospital I happened to watch this documentary called “Wings of Defeat” on the kamikaze. It was illuminating and moving. Here is the trailer and some other video clips:

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