Sunday Afternoon Tunes: Loungin’ on Dad’s Day


Peace and quiet at last. The in-laws took off Saturday morning and our apartment feels so much bigger with just the three of us (well, really four if you count our dog). Not to say we do not already miss them. We do, especially wifey. She had a great bonding experience with her mother. Something about a daughter having a child. It was great to see.

We had a nice dinner and our son actually got a decent night’s sleep. No major plans for dad’s day. We went out for a walk in the park. As soon as we get the baby in his carrier and stroller, he is out like a light. This evening we might grab a light dinner at the local Italian spot. Besides that, it is great just to lounge and enjoy the afternoon. Here are some tunes to put you in a loungy mood:

George Duke: North Beach (1974) and Malibu (1975)

Irakere: Explosion (Live in Japan, 1993)

Joyce: London Samba (1999)

Grant Green: The Final Comedown (1971)

Kool and the Gang: Blowin’ With the Wind (1972)

Guru: Loungin’ (1993)

Grover Washington, Jr.: Not Yet (1976)

Have a great Father’s Day!

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  1. What a brilliant selection.

    My offspring (meaning, as they are still very young, their mother) managed to forget father’s day completely. Writing this, however, I realise I failed to say happy father’s day to my father, so I can’t complain…

  2. Hi, New Centrist: I like what I hear about your new baby boy. My son slept almost a whole night when he was just 4 weeks old. I’m still proud of him for that achievement. (He’s nineteen…)

    He was born on May 9, just in time to make me eligible to celebrate mother’s Day. So I can understand the novelty of that joy.

  3. Thanks for these – perfect for summer afternoons. My sax teacher is always telling me to listen to Irakere, and now I know why. I’ve enjoyed these more personal posts on your blog lately – a symptom of new fatherhood, perhaps? They’ve brought back memories of my own early days as a father, some years ago now. Hope you’re managing to get some sleep.

  4. Hi Noga. A whole night? That sounds wonderful. Our son was born after Mother’s Day but I got a lot of grief from my wife for not remembering. I really have to make it up for it next year!

    Yes, Martin, I think it does have something to do with new fatherhood. Not only getting personal but I simply do not have the time to look at all the news and other websites I used to check out on a daily basis.

    As far as Irakere, have a listen to their “The Legendary Irakere in London” album/cd. It is a good place to start. Here is “Johana”:

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