Mom in Town


My in-laws took off on Saturday morning and my mom arrived on Tuesday. Everyone wants to come hang out with the baby. She wants to get a pastrami on rye while she is out here and we are going to Shabbat at Beth Elohim. Besides that, nothing major on the agenda for this trip.

Bro-in-law was going to fly out a few days after mom heads back to California but he is postponing his trip until August. That will give us (wife, baby and me) a few weeks to chill. August is a rough month in NYC, at least for me. I can’t stand the humidity. Maybe we will be able to escape to the beach for a day.

I start working again next week. Not totally looking forward to it, but we need the income. You know how it goes.

Needless to say, all of this will keep me away from the blog. There is a lot going on right now, especially in Iran, but I just don’t have the time to devote to writing.


Went to Coney Island on Thursday. I can’t believe I have lived in NYC for over eight years and it was my first time out there. We walked down the boardwalk, had some fried seafood and a couple beers, and escaped before it got overrun by teenagers. Next time I want to visit Beer Island.

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