Another tag game: Seven (or more) Things I Love


The rules:

1) List seven things you love. (I cheated)

2) Tag seven other people. (or, in my case, four)

Noga tagged me. As far as seven others, most of my homeboys and homegirls have already been tagged besides Martin in the Margins, Ganselmi, Snoop and Stark.

Here are my seven in no particular order with the exception of #1.

1) Life and the Giver of Life. Not sure what I would do without it. A big one. Praises to the Creator of the universe and giver of life.

2) Family. I enjoy them more and more each day and miss my brother dearly (זכרו לברכה).

3) Friends. Especially the good ones.

4) Intimacy. Touching, sharing, talking, sex.

5) Food and Drink. Cooking and eating. Everything from burgers and fries to tapas, steaks, bbq, Italian, shawarma and kabobs, knishes, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, sushi (fish and seafood in general), latkes, Mexican and Indian (murgh methi is one of faves). Beer is my drink of choice. I used to like microbrews but these days a Modelo Especial is just fine.

6) Reading. Mostly non-fiction although I read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay while I was vactioning in Puerto Rico.

7) Music. Everything from hardcore punk to jazz, electronic sounds (esp. drum and bass), Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, Indian carnatic, Mexican ranchera, hiphop, classical.

Did I forget anything?

8 ) Travel. Somewhere by the sea. Israel, Kerala, the Caribbean, Mexico, places with warm ocean water. I love the SF Bay Area but the water is too cold!

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  1. I approve of your list wholeheartedly. I was thinking about putting sex on my list, but was too embarassed. You found an elegant way to include it.

    By the way, I would have tagged you when I tagged Noga, but I figured you were too busy for this sort of frivolity! Martin in the Margins was an early adapter with this meme, so I’m afraid your field is even narrower than you thought. Snoopy was one of my tagees too, so am glad you are adding to the pressure on him as he’s ignored me so far.

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