Friday Roundup


The weekend is upon us. What are my plans? Plenty of cover letter writing, resume emailing, and maybe even a visit to the farmers market. Last weekend they had the most delicious tuna steaks, fresh corn, and other tasty treats. But you’re probably not interested in any of that so read this stuff from the usual suspects for your mental nutrition:

Kellie (Airforce Amazons) on anti-Israel stupidity

Rabbi Andy Bachman (Water Over Rocks):ย  The Real Power to Save

Bob from Brockley on the New Statesman’s Mehdi Hassan

But, I am a Liberal! clowns the leftover left

Contentious Centrist peers into The Essence of Evil

Ganselmi (Iranian Freedom) promotes the Global Day of Action for Iran

Happy Fifth Anniversary to Jewlicious!

Martin in the Margins critiques Saint Che

Mod continues his critique of the crank Ben White

Poumista has had a lot of great posts this month

Simply Jews: Minister Yisrael Katz, road signs and Zionism

Small Wars Journal: Dr. Donald Stoker on theย  Six Reasons Insurgencies Lose

Sultan Knish tells readers How to Stop the Cycle of Violence

Michael Weiss (Tablet Magazine): Broken Engagement, How Iran’s presidential election changed U.S. foreign policy

ZWord: Melbourne tells Ken Loach to get lost

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post about the Global Day of Action – any chance you’d be willing to join a rally or vigil in your area? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks, NC. The post you linked to seems to attract some more than usual traffic. The very vehement denials, refusal to believe, is a measure of the horror of this practice. I wish the main media would report on it. But I guess they have bigger horrors to contend with, like a feisty professor’s arrest by a cop.

  3. You’re welcome, Mod, Ganslemi, Noga and Snoop. Glad to.

    Ganselmi, I wish I would have been able to attend a rally or vigil but I am on “home duty” with my newborn these days unless I am at work. Not only do I enjoy the time (unless he’s screaming at me) but it gives my wife a chance to get out of the house, work out, go swimming, that sort of thing.

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