Five Words Meme


This is from Bob.

Coast: I spent most of my teenage years coasting through life. It was fun.  I also spent much of the time swimming, body boarding and surfing at the coast. This beach here. I have never lived far from the coast and I still greatly enjoy spending time at the beach, especially if the water is warm.

Temple: Where my people worship. Next year in Yerushalayim. It will be rebuilt! Also where my wife’s people worship. Close up here.

Avrich: The historian of the U.S. and European (esp. Russian) anarchist movements. I had the opportunity to hear him speak a couple of times and he was an inspiration to me and my work. Attended his funeral in 2006 and remember his daughters talking about him taking them to a cemetery in Russia to locate the graves of Kropotkin and I think Bakunin as well but I could be wrong about Bakunin.

Dosa: A crepe made of rice and lentil flower, often stuffed with spicy veggie innards. This is probably my wife’s favorite South Indian dish, especially paper masala dosa. There is a dosa cart on the southern edge of Washington Square Park near NYU that routinely wins competitions for the best food cart in NYC. But I’m more of a samosa chaat or bhel puri man myself.

Neocon: Four meanings. First, someone who has left the left and embraced conservatism. Second, a conservative who supports a proactive and vigorous foreign policy in favor of democracy promotion as opposed to a more “realist” orientation. Third, a generic term of denigration that leftists and paleocons use to refer to those they despise. Lastly, neocon is often used as a synonym for Jewish conservative by leftists and paleocons.

To view some of the confusion around the term, check out this page at SourceWatch. The author(s)  identify everyone from Norman Podhoretz (definitely a neocon) to Martin Peretz (a neoliberal) to Zbigniew Brzenski (a realist) as neocons!

Some of my favorite neocons are James Burnham, John Bolton, Joshua Muravchik and Paul Wolfowitz. The only time I have ever called the White House was to thank President Bush for appointing Mr. Bolton ambassador to the United Nations.

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  1. Thanks TNC, you’ve risen to the challenge well! With coast, I actually meant to say coasts, as in your second meaning, so I’m glad you didn’t think I just meant the first, as that might have been an insult!

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