Friday Housekeeping and Some Egberto Gismonti


For some reason I never categorize my posts when I publish them. I always do it later. Sometimes much later. This morning I noticed the last post I categorized was way back in February. So I went through and tagged all the posts up till today. Feel free to hit the tags in the tag cloud on the left side of my blog.

On to what you have really been waiting for, my weekly roundup of the good stuff:

Airforce Amazons: A nice roundup of posts on Iran

Bob from Brockley: Mehdi Hasan Continued

Contentious Centrist: The Essence of Evil II and A Fireman Can’t Let People Burn

Elder of Ziyon: IDF Report of Operation Cast Lead

Engage: Does Israel “Cause” Anti-Semitism

Flesh is Grass: “A Reactionary View of the Part Played by Women in Politics”

Iranian Freedom: My Congressman on the Iranian Uprising

Long War Journal: Islamist Violence Grips Northern Nigeria and Nigerian Taliban leader Killed in Custody

Modernity Blog: Torries Sucking Up to Jew Haters

Poumista: On this day: 31 July 1937 – NKVD Operative Order 00447

Simply Jews: The blood chilling affinity or songs that change color

Small Wars Journal: This Week at War, Life After the Insurgency

The Stark Tenet: Interventionism Dead?

Sultan Knish: Israel’s Obama Problem

ZWord Blog: “No”: The Real Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East

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  1. Feel free to disagree with Bob. He is always open to discussion. As I mentioned in the comments, there is difference between causality and correlation. They are not the same.

  2. He hurls the “R” word too much. It’s puerile treatment that ultimately seeks to preempt meaningful discussion. I had enough of that in my Jewschool days. I don’t seek more of that sort of thing.

  3. I have found Bob to be a very reasonable guy, even when I disagree with him. Definitely not at all similar to the ultra-sensitive Jewschool crew in my experience. I agree with him that the notion that immigrants bring violence upon themselves is similar to the argument that short skirts encourage rape.

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