Wrong Then, Wrong Now



Remember when the clowns from Code Pink would stand up during congressional meetings and shout nonsense about the Iraq War?

“Bush lied, people died!”

“No War for oil!”

and all the rest of those tired, played out slogans…

Well, I feel the same way about the people ranting and raving during the townhall meetings being conducted to explain President Obama’s health care proposals. Regular readers know I am no fan of the current president and am not incredibly positive about the sorts of reforms he wants to see in our country.

Nevertheless, people who do support these reforms should be given the opportunity to explain themselves and the policies they think will make America a better place to live in. If you disagree, feel free to express yourself. But don’t act like a bunch of crazy right-wing loons and disrupt these meetings. It makes you appear just as unhinged as the loony left.

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