Friday Fall (is on its way) Roundup


Fall is about to arrive in NYC. The summer is behind us. Some of my friends and neighbors are bummed out because the summer was so rainy. But I actually enjoyed it. Summers are so hot and humid in NYC, it is hard to bear for a native son of California. Plus, I rather like the fall. After living on the West Coast for most of my life, it is nice to see the leaves shift colors from green to orange and gold (which will happen next month), experience the weather getting cool and crisp and feeling that there is change in the air.

While the weather is still warm I am going to get out and enjoy the day. So take a look at these posts by some of my regular reads:

Airforce Amazons on Afghanistan (and some other countries) and Iran, Israel, Palestine

Bob from Brockley discusses Terror and British Islam

Contentious Centrist opines on Human Rights Watch’s Marc Garlasco

Flesh is Grass on Lubna Hussein

Long War Journal: “Senior al Qaeda leader killed in Somalia

Martin in the Margins continues with a second post on anarchism.

Mod on the stupidity of the anti-Israel boycott

Simply Jews clowns Jimmuh Carter

The Stark Tenet on the Tea Party protests and protests in general

Michael Totten: “The Warlord in His Castle”

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