My dog passed away…


che dog

My dog passed away after 14+ good years as a steadfast companion (June 6, 1995 – September 26, 2009). He was an incredibly strong, sensitive, witty and funny Pitbull-Boxer mix who was born in my house in California and passed away in his sleep with me by his side. He was truly the best friend I ever had. Thanks to everyone who ever looked after him when I was out of town or out of the country, gave him a bone to gnaw on, a pig ear to crunch, or a piece of tri-tip to savor, or gave him some attention from a simple pet on the head to a scratch on his butt. He will be missed by many, especially me. Needless to say I am incredibly depressed and will not be posting anything for a while…

che in jungle

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  1. Please accept my deeply heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I understand your pain as my dear dog of 11 years old also died on May 1, 2009. I am convinced dogs have a soul like we do. There is a good book “Kinship with all Life” by J.A. Boone in which he describes how his dog Strongheart takes him to a particular place to simply and contemplate Nature, a meditative state of being-in-awareness that could be interpreted as a religious experience that he shared with the dog.

  2. How sad. He looks so sweet and wise.

    We have a cat, our first ever pet. We got her three years ago. We all became so fond of her, that we cannot think of ever losing her without feeling shocked at the very idea. I fully sympathize with your mourning.

  3. You had a beautiful dog, with a beautiful expression in his eyes. You were very lucky to have been his friend, and he was very lucky also to have you as his friend. I wish I had met your dog. Let’s hope we meet them again in heaven. There is one dog that was my friend and I sincerely wish and pray to meet him again one day.

  4. Hello, I read on another blog about your dog passing away and going to Rainbow Bridge. I am deeply sorry for you for your great loss. I too just lost my best friend, (August 15th) my golden retriever of only eight years old. It devastated me. I know how you feel. Hang in there and take it a day at a time, if you can’t do that, take it an hour at a time. Cry when you can and I will keep you in my prayers from South Carolina. My heart goes out for you.
    Blessings and comfort for you

  5. Sorry to read this, TNC. Not being a dog person myself, I fully share your feelings. When a beloved pet passes away, it is really painful. Well, at least your dog went on his way without suffering.


  6. So sorry. It hurts a lot as they are just really like family.
    My own 15 year old Lab … my friend, passed away last Oct and this week I lost another pal , a 14 year old cat.
    You are in my thoughts.
    Take care.

  7. I feel very deeply for your loss. I put my best friend ( Kayla) to sleep on Jan. 9th, and have felt this hole in my heart, ever since. She was nearly 16, had some health issues- but it does not make the process any easier. My home seems so empty without her.
    Your dog looks so sweet. Kind eyes. I am happy for you that she passed in bed beside you; that you were with her.
    I wish you better days ahead.

  8. im so sorry to hear of your loss…im am at the moment in shock because my dog of 17years just got diagnosed with parvovirus and i have been told that because of his age he will very likely not make it through the night…im so sad and i dont know what to do….i understand completlt how u must feel! my chow has been there for almost my whole like…17years and now i dont know if i can ever get another.

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