Signing Off (for now?)



I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to keep up with my blog right now. Maybe that will change but who knows?

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has commented over the past two years and special thanks to the following folks who have encouraged me to develop my thoughts, even when we disagree (if I forgot you, my apologies):

Bob from Brockley

Roland (But, I am a Liberal!) Dodds

Flesh is Grass

Kellie (Airforce Amazons)

David Kelsey (The Kvetcher)

Martin in the Margins


Noga (The Contentious Centrist)


Snoopy (Simply Jews)

Daniel Stark (The Stark Tenet)

Sultan Knish

Take it easy,

The New Centrist

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  1. I’ll be looking for you posting again.
    “At times, said the Brisker Rav, we should adopt an attitude as if we were no longer alive and only then will we be able to exist.” Gateway to Happiness, Rabbi Pliskin

  2. Hey TNC, thanks for all the great posts past, and I hope it isn’t too long before the urge returns. Baby time is particularly precious, though, and I expect you want to enjoy it as much as you can. Good luck!

  3. It was very sad to read this. I have valued our conversation, and the genuine sense of community that the list you put down here has constituted, a community that has at times been more real and valuable to me than the face to face relationships of my daily grind. I sometimes think I need to give up, for my sanity: it becomes obsessive. And family life is demanding! But for me the joys (usually) outweigh the negatives.

    I hope that the time and energy you save can be invested in something fulfilling, that we can continue our conversation in other spaces, and that maybe one day you return to blogging.

  4. Bloody hell. That is sad. I hope you are ok… I feel bad that the last comment I left – one of the very few I have made – was a disapproving face about your bbq meat. I hope your life is filled with good food and good music, good company, happiness, and interest. You have opinions about the way the world is, and you’re interested in other people’s opinions – so I sense you’ll be back.

  5. Am flattered to be included on this auspicious list, despite a relatively brief connection. I have been delving into some of your older posts, especially in the history and archive sections, and found some fantastic material. As I go through it I will continue to link to it. Good luck.

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