Back Again: Updates, Rants and Invitations



I tried to stay away yet I felt a need to keep posting. Not sure why exactly beyond a desire to keep in touch with some of you who I have grown to get attached to. I don’t know about you but there are not of people in my life who I can bounce my ideas off of. Or, to put it another way, not a lot of people who respond in the prompt, critical, and constructive manner you do.

This post is a grab-bag of various emotions, material, information I have read and/or been exposed to since my last post. Yes, there has been lots of great things to check out at my regular reads, but I want to do things a bit differently this time around.

My brother would have been 43 on October 31. Many of you know he passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2006. This time of year is especially difficult for my mom. I wish I was in town for her.

I recently discovered an old post I wrote was cited in a report published by NGO Monitor, “Experts or Ideologues? A Systematic Analysis of Human Rights Watch’s Focus on Israel.” They also have a blog which I added to my blogroll.

I am somewhat familiar with the journal Telos (a quarterly of Politics, Philosophy, Critical Theory, and the Arts) but I was not aware they had a blog, TELOScope which has been added to my blogroll. Here is an article by Fred Siegel that is well worth reading, “Taking Communism from the Communists: The Origins of Modern American Liberalism.”

Alan Johnson of Democratiya has moved on to be an editor of the journal Dissent. Congratulations to Alan. Democratiya book reviews and other material are now archived at the Dissent website.

My homeboy Antonio started a blog. Looks like mostly creative writing at this point. Keep it up, Tony.

And check out this interview with Saad Eskander, director-general of the Iraq National Library and Archives.


oreo pitbull

[Oreo: Image by Hiroko Masuike for NYT]

I appreciate the work done by the ASPCA, I really do. But I got sick to my stomach when I heard they killed Oreo the pitbull. In case you haven’t been following the story as close as I have:

Oreo, a dog that was nursed back to health after surviving being thrown off the roof of a six-story building, was killed Friday by lethal injection.

A 2-year-old pit bull, Oreo was euthanized in the New York City headquarters of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after the organization rebuffed last-minute pleas to spare her life. The organization called the dog a danger to the public.

On Friday morning, Oreo received a last meal of “premium quality” kibble and canned dog food. She was then given a sedative, though she appeared “content, alert and panting,” according to an organization spokesman. Oreo was injected in the leg with an overdose of sodium pentobarbital and was pronounced dead shortly after 3 p.m.

The organization has euthanized 107 dogs this year, through October.

Oreo’s case came to public attention in June, when her owner, Fabian Henderson, threw her off the roof of his apartment building at the Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn. Mr. Henderson was convicted of animal cruelty and was scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Oreo broke two legs in the fall. News reports of the incident, accompanied by photos of the brown and white dog with her front legs in casts, triggered a flood of adoption offers and financial donations to help pay for the medical care.

It makes my blood boil reading about people who abuse pitbulls. Any dog really, but pits in particular since I lost mine to old age recently and he was my first dog. People ask me, “when are you going to get another dog?” And honestly, I don’t know. Maybe when my son grows a bit older.

President Obama held a “town hall style” meeting for Chinese students where he discussed U.S. policy and relations between the two countries. The audience was hand-picked by the Chinese communist party. No dissent allowed.

After that experience he probably wishes the audiences for the town hall meetings here at home were organized in the same manner. But in all fairness, at least he called on the Chinese government to accept “universal rights.” Now if he would only make the same demands of the Iranian government.

On the subject of Iran, the Israeli navy intercepted an Iranian boat loaded with arms for Hezbollah. A blatant violation of international agreements, international law, the UN, etc. etc. etc. but nobody in the “international community” cares because the target is Israel.

And on the subject of Israel, the U.S. Congress passed a measure condemning the Goldstone Report. 344 members voted for the resolution, 36 against and 22 voted “present”. Here are the last names of those in the latter two groups:

Nays: Baird • Baldwin • Blumenauer • Boustany • Capps • Carson (IN) • Clarke • Clay • Davis (KY) • Dingell • Doggett • Edwards (MD) • Ellison • Filner • Grijalva • Hinchey • Johnson, E. B. • Kilpatrick • Kucinich • Lee (CA) • Lynch • McCollum • McDermott • McGovern • Miller • George • Moran (VA) • Olver • Pastor (AZ) • Paul • Price (NC) • Rahall • Snyder • Stark • Waters • Watt • Woolsey

Present: Becerra • Cooper • Dahlkemper • DeFazio • Delahunt • Duncan • Eshoo • Farr • Heinrich • Hirono • Honda • Johnson (GA) • Jones • Kaptur • Loebsack • Lofgren, Zoe • Lujàn • Obey • Speier • Tierney • Welch •Wu

Like clockwork, the left-wing lunosphere has gone nuts. For them, yet more evidence that Jews “Zionists” control the government.


The good folks at Center have invited me to join their team or at least write a guest post. They describe themselves as an Internet journal and are in process of organizing a grassroots centrist lobby. A bit on the journalistic aspect which aims to:

  • Become the voice of Centrism in the United States
  • Put bold, new, non-ideological public policy ideas before the American people
  • Articulate citizens’ reformist agenda
  • Umpire the debate between left and right and discuss various Centrist alternatives
  • Establish an information hub linking visitors to other Centrist sites and reformist organizations

Roland has a new music blog, Some Lost, Some Found. He asked me to post some tunes and I gladly obliged. While my tastes are certainly not as unique as his, I listen to an eclectic mix of music and hope to add something to the mix. [ADDED: My first post on Stäläg 13’s “In Control”  E.P. is up here]

On the topic of music: Bob, I know you remember these Metalheadz tracks:

Far Away (Doc Scott)

Unofficial Ghost (Doc Scott)

Made up Sound (Source Direct)

The Nocturnal (Peshay)

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  1. It’s great to see you back – things have been too quiet!

    I didn’t know about your brother, I’m sorry. Three years is not that long ago, and even after many more years pass the gaps left are still felt, often in unpredictable ways.

    • I’m glad you’re back. I’m sorry about your brother, and also about your dog. I also lost my dog on May 1st, 2009. I came to realize that the pain will never go away. I will have a new puppy on December 18th. It is born October 23rd, 2009, and somehow I feel it is a gift from my last dog, to help me be happy again. I think it is possible my dog reincarnated in this new dog because of my knowledge on these matters. You will know when it is the time for you to get a new dog too, but write to me personally if you need advice. Thank you for sharing the story of Oreo. It was truly beautiful.

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