Snow Day Roundup


We had our first snowstorm of the 09-10 season this weekend. Here in Brooklyn there was close to a foot of snow. I didn’t get out early enough to snap some photos before much of it was plowed. Next time…

In recognition of the seasonal change I switched over to my winter header. The photo was taken last year. I hope to get a new one up in the next few weeks.

I have not linked to my regular reads for a couple of weeks so here is an overdue roundup:

Kellie (Airforce Amazons) posts on the death of Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri and the idiocy of Code Pink activists

Bob and I continue our debate on the election and other events in Honduras

Contentious Centrist makes some “Depressing Observations about the State of the World

Flesh is Grass on the UCU’s boycott of Israel

Disagreements with Martin in the Margins on Lieberman

Mod on “Sinophobia or Legitimate Political Criticism?

Snoop (Simply Jews) on Chavez and Obama

Sultan Knish on Chanukah

Michael Totten “The Eclipsing of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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