True Purpose of “Peace” Flotilla Revealed


By now you may have heard about the “peace” flotilla that was stopped by the Israeli military, resulting in at least ten activists being killed. If not, here is a bit of background. Various peace activists useful idiots and fellow travelers have been sending shipments of aid to Gaza over the past few years. The main purpose of these activities are to place a spotlight in Israel as an evil, apartheid regime mantaining an illegal blockade against the poor suffering souls of Gaza. However, Israel has not prevented the aid from reaching Gaza. The aid is allowed entry, after Israeli officials search the ships and containers for any possible contraband. “No matter”, say the activists, “the main issue is the blockade. We should be able to deliver what we want directly to the people of Gaza Hamas terrorists without any interference from Israel.” So this time, they openly declared their desire to break through the blockade.

Who organized this action? What organization is behind it? The Turkish organization Insani Yardim Vakfi (The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief or IHH), which not surprisingly, has ties to terrorist groups:

According to a report by the Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center, senior Islamic extremists attended the launching ceremony in Istanbul of a boat participating in the flotilla. Among the participants were Mahmad Tzoalha and Sahar Albirawi, both top Hamas terrorists who today operate in Great Britain, and Hamam Said, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan.

Bolant Yilderim, the chairman of the IHH, a Turkish based pro-Palestinian organization that is spearheading the Gaza flotilla, delivered a radical speech at the ceremony to the abpplause of Turkish politicians and radical Islamic activists. “Israel behaves like Hitler did towards the Jews. Hitler built concentration camps in Germany, and today the Zionist entity is building concentration camps in Palestine,” said Chairman Yilderim.

The rally was also attended by Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who praised the attitude of the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and asked leaders of the entire Arab world to follow his example.

Details surrounding the event are still coming in but media reports note the flotilla openly attempted to break through the blockade whereupon the were engaged by the Israeli military. Warning shots were fired to no avail and the decision was made to storm the ships. Israeli commandos descended from helicopters in an attempt to stop the ships and met resistance from the crew.  The Israelis first used non-lethal weapons but when one was stabbed they responded with lethal force.

For those who are still convinced the activists were a peaceful lot, dedicated to passive resistance, “defense officials say soldiers attacked with rocks and knives upon boarding ships” and a protester attempted to steal a soldiers weapon. Some of the protesters were armed with pistols and fired at the commandos. Yeah, sounds like a real peaceful bunch of folks to me.

If you don’t believe me, check out these videos:

In any event, Israel will be demonized, as usual. The military takes the utmost care but it doesn’t matter. Some suggest more could have been done and I agree. After the initial warning shots were fired, Israel should have sunk every last one of those ships.


Elder of Ziyon


Jawa Report





MORE ADDED (June 1, 2010)

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Lastly, Peter Beinart writes “Don’t blame the commandos for the flotilla disaster. Blame Israel’s leaders, who enforce the cruel and corrupt Gaza embargo, and their supporters in America.” I find it hard to believe this is the same Peter Beinart who called for a return to the muscular, vital-center/cold-war liberal tradition in The Good Fight. More on this in a future post.

In the meantime, Sultan Knish has this to say:

Beinart himself suggests that only when the Palestinian terrorists are happy, and Israel is transformed into an oasis of social justice, (and presumably all conservative parties are banned and the Russian immigrants who voted in Lieberman are deported back to Russia) will his compatriots possibly get on board with supporting Israel again. Which really means that their support for Israel is conditional on the Palestinian terrorists accepting Israel. That is not the way that people who actually ever have any intention of supporting Israel talk or think. It is the way that people who trying to strengthen the terrorists’ hand argue. And of course that is the real aim of the left.

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  1. Great to have this post. The blogosphere (and Twittersphere) on this side of the Atlantic have been dominated by the knee-jerk anti-Israeli left today. Difficult for other voices to make themselves heard, but glad to see that the fightback has begun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Martin. when I heard about this on the news I knew the usual suspects would be springing into action with their lies and defense of these thugs. I realize some of the people participating in the flotilla may not have been aware of the evilness of the organizers, but that’s what makes them useful idiots.

  3. Thanks for posting this. From this video footage, it definitely shows this was not a “peaceful” group. If they were on a humanitarian mission, why attack? Of course, I would say they are “activists.” But I wonder what was said to these activists before they took this journey? Although I strongly believe in the proverbial “two-state solution” and long for a day when Palestinians and Israelis can live together peacefully, it’s clear many are (over)reacting from this situation and without fully considering the need for a country to protect itself. I’m glad Obama has not taken the bait to “condemn Israel.” This is clearly the work of individuals hoping to stir shit up. I will be looking back to your site for more information as the details of this story come in.

  4. No prob, Mod.

    NA, I agree they are activists. Just not peace activists. As to what they were told, I suspect different people were told different things. There were a wide variety of groups that participated. I think all of them knew they would be directly challenging the blockade. That seems to have been the primary purpose of the flotilla, not providing aid. If it was really all about providing aid, they would have been willing to dock at Ashdod and unload their cargo.

    I don’t speak Turkish or Arabic but from some of the videos I have seen, large groups of activists were chanting “death to the Jews” and similarly peaceful slogans before they set off on their journey. And the two most prominent representatives of the “Free Gaza Movement” who I have been seeing/hearing on BBC, NPR, etc. are Adam Shapiro and his wife Huwaida Arraf, both are activists with the “International Solidarity Movement” a group with a sordid history of provocation and willingness to put naive activists in risky situations.

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