Back in the Mix


in the mix

I want to thank Bob from Brockley, Ryan (But, I am a Liberal!), Martin in the Margins, and Jogo, for encouraging me to reactivate my blog. Many of the posts that will appear over the next few weeks–hopefully months–were sparked by email conversations with Bob, Jogo and Ryan over the past year.

A lot of my time has been taken up by work and family life. Blogging gave way to Facebook which is great in some ways, connecting with family and friends, sharing pictures and the like, less so in others. I avoid political conversations on Facebook in a way that was not the case back when I was blogging. With Facebook, and I imagine this is worse with twitter, the depth of an argument is largely lost, buried in a series of links.

In my absence of posting any new material this blog has become a sort of meeting (or at least commenting) place for disaffected and current cultists. I appreciate you keeping things lively around here. However comments on the Oneness Movement and the York/Nuwabian posts are now closed.

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