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Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc. Linked to Seven Murders (maybe more)


I’ve blogged about Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc. (YBMB) in the past. YBMB was raided by the Oakland Police Department after a bakery employee confessed to murdering Chauncey Bailey, a journalist investigating the bakery for a variety of crimes. Bailey’s murder gave rise to the Chauncey Bailey Project.

The research of these investigative journalists has helped to reopen a 1986 Oakland homicide and a 1968 double-homicide case 350 miles down the coast in Santa Barbara. What is the Santa Barbara connection? It turns out that YBMB founder Yusuf Bey ran a bakery and mosque in Santa Barbara in the 1960s with his brother (then known as Billy X Stephens) and the victims were associated with both. This is at least the seventh murder that the Chauncey Bailey Project has connected to YBMB.

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The Chauncey Bailey Project



I blogged about the murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey by thugs affiliated with Your Black Muslim Bakery back in August. Since then, a group of investigative journalists collectively known as the Chauncey Bailey Project have been probing into the last story Mr. Bailey was working on, an investigation of the bakery’s role in “murders and other felonious activity.”

Paul Cobb, publisher of the Oakland Post claims Mr. Bailey was “investigating the bakery’s bankruptcy and other financial doings.” However, Cobb has refused to release Mr. Bailey’s last story for the Oakland Post and denied the requests of reporters to view Bailey’s notes.

New American Media reports:

Cobb, interviewed last week by New American Media (NAM) journalists, said it was only after several calls to Tucker that Homicide Sgt. Derwin Longmire came to the Oakland Post’s office the afternoon of the slaying.

Joyner said Tuesday it was “very difficult” talking to Cobb on the day of the slaying, and when the publisher did meet with Longmire that afternoon, he did so with his attorney present.

“He was not very free in regards to offering up a lot of information or any information with regards to computer files or stories that Mr. Bailey was working on,” Joyner said. “The district attorney’s office feels confident in the case that they have before them and they do not request that we follow up in regards to getting any stories that Mr. Bailey was working on.” At the same time, Jordan said police are still hungry for any evidence to bolster vague rumors of a specific Oakland Police officer somehow involved in corruption with bakery members. He said the only lead they’ve had was a reporter’s question involving an officer’s first name. An internal affairs probe on that went nowhere.

This all unfolds against the backdrop of an ever-broadening probe of the bakery and the Beys.

Police Chief Wayne Tucker said besides Bailey’s slaying, police believe bakery members were involved in the murder of former bakery CEO Waajid Aljawaad, 51, and the attempted murder of former bakery associate and security manager John Bey. Aljawaad disappeared in March 2004, his body found months later in a shallow grave in the Oakland hills; Bey was shot as he left his home in June 2005.

Tucker said they also believe bakery members are involved in the murder of Odell Roberson Jr., 31, on July 8, and of Michael J. Wills Jr., 36, on July 12, both gunned down within a few blocks of the bakery headquarters. Ballistics tests have shown the same weapon used in those slayings was used to shoot up a car belonging to the former boyfriend of current bakery CEO Yusuf Bey IV’s girlfriend.

For more information on the case and Mr. Bailey’s life and work, visit the Chauncey Bailey Project.

Zionism Considered Too Controversial for San Francisco Art Scene


“We can say anything we want about ourselves, but we cannot say we’re Zionists. I’m sick of this.”—Alan Kaufman, Israeli-American Artist

I intended on commenting on this story from The New York Sun a couple of weeks ago. In a nutshell, Israeli-American painter and author Alan Kaufman contends that a San Francisco gallery displaying his work “dropped plans to publish a catalog…after he proposed that the cover title of the collection refer to Zionism.” Call it a hunch but I suspect if the title had been negative, “Victims of Zionism” or something along those lines, they would have had no problem publishing the catalog. But heaven forbid an artist express ideological affinity for the dreaded Z-word:

Painter Presses His Cause on Canvas


Mr. Kaufman said the disagreement erupted on October 8 at a meeting with Mr. Himmelberger to discuss the layout and contents of the 24-page catalog. “He had a printout of the catalog with ‘Visionary Expressionism: A Zionist Art’ in front of him. He pointed to the word, ‘Zionism,’ and said, ‘I can’t do that,” Mr. Kaufman told The New York Sun. “I said, ‘What exactly is the problem? You know what my paintings are about.'”

“He said, ‘I don’t stand for that. … We don’t want to advocate any kind of platform here,'” Mr. Kaufman said. The artist said it was not the content of his art, but the labeling of it as Zionist that seemed to be the sticking point. “None of the paintings at the gallery have the actual word ‘Zionism’ in it. I think it was the appearance of the actual word Zionism in the title and all the essays that shocked him. He gave me the impression that, ‘Oh my God, we have a Zionist in the house.'”

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Music Post: Nac-1, FSC Crew



Nac-1 (FSC, KTD, AF)

An all around outstanding individual. Dedicated to human enlightenment, the elevation of all sentient beings. Seriously, check my man out. For the record, his political beliefs are definitely not the same as mine but he’s an excellent MC and graf writer as well as a friend. His wife and family would add he’s a stellar dad and husband to boot. Check out some of his graf here and here. Unfortunately I can’t post photos from Flickr so you’ll need to follow the links. Purchase his album here.


9/11 “Truth” March in San Francisco, Anti-War Protest in Washington D.C., Anti-War “Soldier” Busted in Seattle



As a former resident of San Francisco I know the city attracts a lot of kooks and misfits. And the kookiest of kooks these days are the truthers. Zombietime has some nice photographs of their recent march and demonstration in S.F. If any city would be friendly to these nuts, it is S.F. However, as you can tell by the photos, besides a few smelly hippies, a couple of superheroes and a gaggle of Paulistas, the gathering was pretty slim.

The truthers marched down Haight Street to the Power to the Peaceful demonstration, which was quite large and well attended. Then again, any gathering in Golden Gate Park is bound to attract the remnants of the summer of love and the leftover left. As far as these folks being peaceful, I don’t buy it and neither should you. In fact, many of the groups that sponsored the rally—a smattering of Maoists, Leninists, and Stalinists—support the overthrow of the government of the United States.

Similar groups of miscreants marched in Washington, D.C. last weekend at The World Can’t Wait demonstration. Too bad Zombie doesn’t have contacts on the East Coast. I’d like to see some photos that give a clear indication of who these people are. Zombie’s photos do an excellent job of that. One look at his pics and the lunacy of these individuals is made patently clear.

Meanwhile the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that a man pretending to be an army veteran, who took credit for “crimes” in Iraq that never actually occurred, has been sentenced to five months in prison:

Jesse MacBeth never was an Army Ranger, much less a corporal, never received a Purple Heart for wounds inflicted by a foreign foe, and neither saw nor participated in war crimes with fellow U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, claims for which he became a poster boy for the anti-war movement…

MacBeth’s is the latest case to be sentenced under “Operation Stolen Valor,” which uses the new Stolen Valor Act to go after people posing as veterans, who often festoon themselves with awards and invent tales of long-term injuries, often to fraudulently acquire veterans benefits…

A thin man who sat quietly looking down through most of the hearing, MacBeth apologized for snookering anti-war groups with his claims of killing unarmed, helpless civilians in Iraq — which were translated into Arabic and posted on the Internet — and also to U.S. soldiers whom he defamed.

MacBeth said he felt bad for what he did.

“I’m sorry not only for lying about everything and discrediting anti-war groups, but also for defaming the real heroes, the soldiers out there sacrificing for their country,” MacBeth said. “I was trying to pull a fast one, to make money to get off the streets.”

MacBeth fooled peace groups and alternative media to become something of an anti-war star over the past four years.

He claimed he witnessed and participated in war crimes in Iraq with other Rangers, slaughtering hundreds of unarmed men, women and children.

In a widely distributed Internet video translated into Arabic, Macbeth said. “We would burn their bodies … hang their bodies from the rafters in the mosque.”