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Storm King Art Center


This place is amazing:

Storm King Art Center is a museum that celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. Five hundred acres of landscaped lawns, fields and woodlands provide the site for postwar sculptures by internationally renowned artists. At Storm King, the exhibition space is defined by sky and land. Unencumbered by walls, the subtly created flow of space is punctuated by modern sculpture. The grounds are surrounded by the undulating profiles of the Hudson Highlands, a dramatic panorama integral to the viewing experience. The sculptures are affected by changes in light and weather, so no two visits are the same.

I have wanted to go for a while now but it is a bit of a drive from the city. It was so hot! Spring and Fall may be a better time to visit.

Here are some pics:


[Pyramidian by Mark di Suvero]


[Gui and Knobs by Alexander Calder]


[Black Flag by Calder]


[The Arch by Calder]


[City on the High Mountain by Louise Nevelson]

G8: 2009


Just a few pics from G8 2009:




Regarding the pic above, Noga (The Contentious Centrist) notes:

Poor Obama, who did not have the presence of mind to look away immediately. No one minds Sarkozy’s appreciative grin, but Obama’s fleeting admiration was made much of. After all, this sort of thing is expected from a French guy. But woe to the American President should he get caught ogling.

I Actually find his weakness for the female attractions quite endearing.

[read it all here (funny)]

Artist Injured at 5 Pointz



[Photo by Jim Kiernan]

When you take the 7 train from Manhattan into Queens you can’t help but see the graf on the roof of a warehouse known as 5 Pointz. Passing by on the train, I never realized the interior of the buildings house a variety of art studios until reading of a jewelry designer, Nicole Gagne, who was injured while descending an exterior stair case.

NY Daily News reports initial investigations have shown the stair was in need of renovation and the warehouse has numerous building violations. Some have speculated that the studios and mural space may soon be history. I hope not. I wish Ms. Gagne a speedy recovery and hope she is able to return to her work soon.

Here are two pics of graf that my homees did at 5 Pointz when they were in town [photos by SYRA-1].





Heavy Winds



This happened Friday afternoon. The wind was blowing dangerously fast all day. Weather reports for Manhattan said “watch out for flying construction debris.” I expected to see a few limbs broken off the trees when I took my dog for a walk in the park. I did not expect to see a tree ripped in half at the trunk. I have never seen anything like this before. I tried to get a better angle but the sun is right behind the tree so this was the only way to avoid the glare.


Rincon Pics


Here are a few pics of Rincon, PR.


This is the beach where we spent most of our time. It is located right next to the old marina (now defunct). We also went to “Steps” beach which is about 15 minutes away. Rincon is located on the western end of the island with the Atlantic Ocean on one side of town and the Caribbean Sea on the other. This beach is on the Caribbean side.


Here is a pic of the inn.


Paco, the local gato.


Since a few people have asked me about local cuisine (offline), I wanted to mention the Harbor Restaurant and Rincon Tropical. Both serve no-frills seafood in a causal environment. The Harbor is closer to the beach. They were out of lobster at Rincon Tropical so I had the prawns. Had the lobster at the Harbor. It was swimming in butter and garlic at both places. Sides range from the generic (french fries) to more local fare like rice and pigeon peas, tostones (thick fried plantains) or mashed plantains.

We also ate at some even lower-key spots. On the weekends at the beach pictued above, a couple operate a small shack that sells chicken kabobs (pinchos) and rice and pigeon peas. I picked up three pinchos for $4.50 and the rice and peas for my semi-veggie wife ($2). With the addition of a small salad, it made a nice lunch. The Club Nautico located at the same beach has a bar that reminds me of coastal Mexican cantinas. They have a very small restaurant in the back. I was skeptical but when I saw the food another couple ordered it looked pretty good. I had two chicken tacos and she had the quesadilla. After a day at the beach it was damn good. The salsa was spicy, all the vegetables tasted fresh. It was also very inexpensive. We both left full for six bucks. No pics this time.