Boycott Durban II! Please Write Condoleezza Rice Now!


[I opened my morning New York Sun to this full-page advertisement against the upcoming Durban II Conference. Thanks to Eye on the UN for sponsoring the ad. To see the full ad click here. ]


We ask you to join us in calling for the United States to say YES to racial and religious equality and freedom from anti-Semitism by saying NO to attending the United Nations Durban II Conference and all its preparatory sessions.

On March 13, 2008 the U.S. State Department released a report on global anti-Semitism. It highlighted the malicious role played by the 2001 United Nations Durban I Conference.

Durban I was, in THEORY, intended to be an “antiracism” conference. It was, in practice, anything but …Durban I ended just three days before 9/11. So deeply disturbed that the conference was hijacked by global harbingers of hate, the United States and Israeli delegations walked out on principle in protest.

Make no mistake, this conference seeks not to combat racism, but to promote and fuel hatred toward Israel and America. This conference will not be about the spread of free expression, but how to curb it.

The Bush Administration proudly promised when releasing the new State Department report to “take a strong stand against growing anti-Semitism around the world.”

There is an immediate way to act against growing anti-Semitism around the world…say no to Durban II. Declare that the United States will not participate in a dialogue that promotes prejudice.


Secretary Condoleezza Rice: Phone, 202-647-4000; Email,

President George W. Bush: Phone, 202-456-1111; Email,

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. The first Durban conference was the moment I realized how deeply Antisemitism and the hatred for Israel had been institutionalized in our political discourse, and I see no need for the States to make an appearance at its second incarnation.

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