Cults: Dr. Malachi York and the Nuwaubians


malachi york

I was watching Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) the other night and came across a program promoting the cult of Dr. Malachi York. I previously knew nothing about York but he and his group are definitely bat shit crazy. He borrows heavily from ideas promoted in Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods, David Icke’s notion of reptilians and the concept of a New World order controlled by the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group. Sounds like they would get along well with the Paulistas!

Prior to his tenure as a cult leader, York was a musician and member of the Black Panther Party. In 1970 he embraced his own distorted version of Islam organized a cult called Ansaru Allah Community. The group transformed its ideology and changed names numerous times from Ansaar Pure Sufi, to the Nubian Islamic Hebrews to Nuwaubians. Tensions developed between York and the larger Black Muslim sects and he eventually took his group out of New York City and moved south.

York and his minions established a community on a 440-acre farm in Putnam County, Georgia called Tama-Re. They now called themselves the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation. Patterning their new community after a Hollywood caricature of ancient Egypt, the complex contained grand gates, pyramids and obelisks. I was able to dig a few pics:

nuwabian cult1

nuwaubian cult 2

TamaRe from air

Here is a small sample of York’s beliefs:

Africans or “Nubians” are not originally brown in complexion but green. The Earth’s atmosphere has “rusted” their complexion because the magnesium in their melanin has been replaced by iron.

York claimed to be an extraterrestrial master teacher from the planet Rizq in the galaxy Illyuwn and promised his followers in the year 2003 a spaceship would return from his home planet and collect 144,000 believers and take them back to his extraterrestrial homeland.

York told his followers that in 1952, grotesque extraterrestrial Andromedeans that resembled the Predator met with and frightened U.S. President Harry S. Truman. Other extraterrestrials have been trading with Earth since the Eisenhower administration, and are responsible for giving us technologies ranging from the polio vaccine to the hula hoop.

Each of us has seven clones.

Everyone is originally conceived as twins, but usually only one of the twins survives to be born.

Ok, you might be thinking dude and his followers are nuts but what’s the big deal? As long as they don’t hurt anyone who cares what they believe? Well, as is often the case with cults, the leaders abuse the followers. In York’s case, he is a convicted child abuser and molester. The first charge he was convicted of is raping a 13-year-old when he was 19. In 2002, he was charged with over 100 counts of child molestation and sentenced in 2004 to 135 years in prison. Tama-Re was razed by the authorities. York’s scheduled release date is December 15, 2119. I bet his followers have come up with some mystical significance for that date. Despite all evidence against their leader, they continue to profess his innocence.

Much more information available here.

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To all the nuts, zombies and followers of Malachi York,

I have no problem with you leaving comments here at my blog but you must adhere to the conventions of written English. Also, if you do not have anything to add to the dialogue, consider posting somewhere else. For example, if you “know” that York is innocent of the charges he has been found guilty of, please provide some evidence.


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  1. Crazy not by far! When will you sleeping people wake up. The information that Mr. York has but into circulation is nothing new to this planet but only new to those that have just woke up or still sleep. All great men of time have been tagged with being crazy but over time their craziness has produce truth and has underlined sculpted the way we think and live. Wake up Souls Wake up!!!!!

  2. he must be doing something right, because all his predictions are coming true, and everything he says makes sense of it all, wake up it might be your last chance!

  3. This is clone number 2 reporting for duty…Yo, Reggie.D#1, where da spaceship @ man? I have been waiting very patiently and my skin is further rusting!

  4. This Malachi York guy is in prison for 135 yrs because he was found guilty of molesting children…Hundreds of children!!! The prosecutors had to lower the number of victims from the thousands to the hundreds because they thought no jury would ever believe how evil this man really was. It is also said that, it is his son with the same name as he who is really responsible for these crimes…I am not easily swayed…his predictions are not real and it is soo sad to see people foolowing him!!!


      • Though this is old… I am going to respond anyway. I was married to a member of this cult. I know for a fact that York was having sex with teenage girls and some of them bore children and he did not support those kids. York has stolen and/or made up most of his doctrine. My husband would always tell me that members should not be concerned with what was going on in York’s bedroom. I was also told by another member that the parents of the teenage girls signed permission slips for them to be a part of his polygamist union.

        There was violence on Tama-Re… in case you don’t know child abuse is violence. Let’s not bring up the murder in the Brooklyn community or the gun fight that happened in NY a couple of years ago. Members have selective memories and are too brainwashed to see the truth. I can’t wait to expose this cult more and I am so glad I found this article.

  5. Some guy accuses an organization of being a cult and people jump on the bandwagon to co-sign something they know nothing about.Due diligence and research go a long way.Either some people are too lazy to find the
    truth,or 2 content with devilishment.

  6. Yeah this man and his followers are nuts!!! They have literally made up there own lil religion. I’ve done some study myself and most of his followers have extensive criminal backgrounds, mostly from rape to molestation, incest, drugs, gangs just craziness. Not looking for anyone to agree with me or not. These people need the true and living and God for real so they can get they life right.

  7. My dad is apart of this nonsense. Glad my mother was strong enough to not be dragged into this or else me and my siblings could have been one of hose countless children. But this is a cult that has brain washed my father and turned him against our family we are the enemy and are holding him back from his so called people. Screw them and the horse they rode in on

  8. Jim Jones reborn……… it will be tang this time … or even minute maid orange juice , but if he is in jail for that long …. bet ur bottom or ur dollar he will want his followers to go belly up

  9. I was a follower of York since I was a kid. It has been hell for me because i gave him my youth we got in the community because we were doing our best to be away from crime, drugs, lewdness etc., there were so many children in his house and i suspected something wrong when they were staying over way too late. when i was having his baby i started seeing for sure that he had had sex with little girls i remember when i was in the office working and a little girl was carried by her mother because she was shaking we were all shocked like wow everytime she visits york she starts shaking. he could tell after the first couple times we all were wondering so he told us that she was possessed with the devil. and he told us that he helped her with an exorcist to get the devil out of her we actually thought that non sense. how stupid were we now on hindsight i realize he was having sex with that little girl and it was too much for her little body and she went into shock and convulsions because i read about this type of stuff a few years ago yes this was worse than scientology and i never want to join any church or religious group ever again because of that experience. ii do believ in God

    there is a young man that is writing his book about how york raped him in his rear end everyday. he said that his rear end would turn blue and bleed from the constant rape please can someone help me to help him get his story out and his book published. because they have a website and they badger us and putting out lies about a governemnt conspiracy but that not true. could someone out there help us get our story out and help us.

      • Ditto. I was in a relationship with a man who claimed to be a Sufi. When we moved to Atlanta I realized his crazy belief systems were culled from the Nuwabians because it was a mish-mash of so-called Sufi (the “sacred prostitution” element most notably), NOI, 5% and Hebrew Israelite which have ALL been co-opted by the Nuwabians at some point. I saw first-hand how so many of these dudes promote polygamy but with no actual legal marriage binding and the great amount of mental/sexual/physical abuse they inflict. These men TRAIN other men into this BS, I know the man I was with for 18 months was trained by a HI guy named Nassi who’s “brides” get younger by each one. Back in the 90’s, years before I met my ex my homegirl went to Atlanta and came back with books and a divination system. At the time I appraised metaphysical books and we laughed and laughed about her system was actually Blume’s ‘Rune’ book with the symbols and names changed but the paragraphs literally word for word amongst other things. Glad to know some fellow ‘witnesses of this madness. Critique religion all day every day, but don’t plagiarize and distort it and racialize it to profit from it and overlord with it. The ignorant always cry ‘wake up’ whilst they stay manipulated…

  10. The man also claimed to be from Pluto. The nut-farm where they had all those cheap ass fiberglass pyramids was a straight up hell hole. York was pimping those people. They had to go out and sell at least 10 of his books every day. There was also the “green room” on the property where married couples had to schedule an appointment with York and get permission to have sex. Men, women, and children were housed in different areas so that York could have exclusive access to the children. WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE WHERE HE CLEARLY SAYS HE PLEAD GUILTY TO THE MOLESTATION CHARGES BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY.

    Please, brothers and sisters, if you are considering joining this cult GET SOME HELP. GET OUT NOW BEFORE YOU END UP SCARRED FOR LIFE LIKE MOST OF HIS BRAINWASHED FOLLOWERS.

  11. I grew up in a cult – the founder called himself “Daddy Grace.” He claimed to be THE prophet for this time, and he had his people think he was taking the place of Jesus. He claimed to be the “Grace of God.” His followers used to say, and some still probably do, say that God’s only got “one man.” He also had “maids” which catered to him and fan him like an Egyptian pharoah on his throne in church during conventions. His successor, “Daddy Grace McCollough,” did the same thing and was known to slap his maids if they disobeyed him or made him angry. This cult is called the United House of Prayer for All People.
    Dr. York is just another “Black Messiah” modelling Grace, Father Divine, and a host of other false Christs – just like Reverend Moon, L. Ron Hubbard, Elijah Muhammad (and his “Lost and Found” Nation of Islam.
    If Dr. York was a “god” or “alien,” why can’t he levitate out of jail or walk through walls, or call for the “Mother Ship” to blast him out of here or beam him up with Scottie? He had his group referring to themselves as “Muslims,” “Hebrews,” “Egyptians,” “Nubians,” the “Holy Tabernacle.” Some thought they were “sufis.” What happened to the school in Bushwich for the children that his followers was collecting money on the trains when they sold “scrolls” and incense?
    I know I shouldn’t be amazed – but I still am. People, if a man keeps changing the name of his organization, his “religion,” or says he came from somewhere else in the universe but can’t show one good/solid miracle, than there’s a great chance that he’s not who he claims. Remember, York also called himself Immam Esa? Esa is Arabic for Jesus. Is he Jesus, an Egyptian, or a Black Native American? It doesn’t matter because Dr. Love, which was his stage name on the other stage, won’t be getting any love where he’s going. The Bible says in Revelation that all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire. He loved warning his followers about the “antichrist,” but didn’t tell them that he too was an “antichrist.” Whenever a person sets himself up as an alternative or replacement Messiah, he becomes an ANTI-Christ. (1st John 2:18, Matthew 24:12-5,11, John 14:6)

    • amen pastor hunter. i used to read his books when he was still doing his islam thing. i even convertid and took my shahadah at the bushwick temple before he moved to spring vally,ny. i just could’nt keep up with his constantly changing dogma. when he attacked abraham lincoln in one of his pamphlets i became convinced this asshole was really a wacko. he claimed : 1 lincoln did’nt end slavery.2 lincoln was in reality a ” jebusite jew “!!! any research into the surname lincoln will tell you it’s an irish name and that the biblical jebusites where not jews. as york himself used to say in his pamphlets: “don’t believe me,look it up”.

  12. I don’t even like to look at his picture. His eyes are freaky. Reminds me of Jim Jones. I could see the same look in his eyes. Like a snake out to mesmerize the prey. Sad how people are so deceived, but birds of a feather flock together. Also the other thing that came to mind in his getup and the whole Egyptian/ ET thing was Ra on Stargate. Only they did a much better job. That is sort of freaky too. He is like an interesting twist on the movie and the kitchen sink of all that I am the ONE whatever, follow Me cult crap of the worst kind.

  13. i’ve come into contact with these people and have read some of the literature. are all of them uneducated? the pamphlets seem to be written by an illiterate and edited by an imbecile. i wouldn’t follow anyone who’s spelling and grammar would shame a 5th grader. also, all his followers keep saying there was no proof of molestation, so does anyone know what proof the prosecution provided?

  14. I use to read his books. Until one day I was reading a new book and he stated he’s not from this planet. I was like what the f@#% nigga u crazy. Then that was that. But the question to his group is why he don’t walk threw the walls lol. And leave the prison. Lol.

    • He can’t… he needs them to unite and combine their mental vibrations to get him out. He says he has done his job, he was sent to raise the people and now they have to complete the job.

      One should question why he was unable to keep lawyers on his case. Why did they collect money for lawyers yet the lawyers said they were never paid. I recall a time when they raised over $10,000 in two days, $50 came from my soon to be ex husband. I remember being furious that he took from our family funds to support that bull. People better wake up.

      He is going to die in prison where he belongs. I remember they tried to go to Liberia and then Ghana… they said he was an African diplomat and should not have been tried by American courts. I also remember prior to that they were claiming to be Native Americans but that fell through so they moved on to using Africa as a front.

      • I shouldn’t be laughing but you’re taking me back 10 years ago and the absurdity of all this insanity is just too FUNNY. The truth IS stranger than fiction…LMAO!!!!

  15. I lived in the community on Bushwick Ave for 2 1/2 yrs. I thought I was following the messiah, come to find out he was the same person he use to warn us about. ” The Devil in Sheepskin Clothing” . We went out every day begging for money, selling insence & oils while he live lavishly in his home with all his”emenities” The women for the most part were there to have children and get Welfare. All this money was turned in, while everyone else was broke. Others left professional carreers to live in what we believed to be our sanctuary for our salvation. I lost a wife and a daughter to this cult. They stayed behind and lived there for 11 more years. My daughter was only 5 months old when I last saw her, due to getting expelled from the community. My own wife was turned against me. All I was left with was a picture and a memory of what could have been if we would not have fell for these false teachings. Then one day, they all disappeared from Bushwick Ave. all hope of ever seeing my family again! But I will be a witness that miracles do exist if you turn you life over to Christ. Jesus said ” what so ever you shall ask of the father in my name you shall receive” . He answered my prayers after never losing hope, prayer and constant faith that he will answer my prayers in his time, I found my daughter 26 yrs later. Today we have the best relation in the world. Again I was blessed and my prayers were answered, but there are so many kids that were born there on Bushwick Ave. who had no birth certificates and today are battling to get there lives together. Imam Isa, Dr. York Malicki York what ever he is calling himself today deserves everything he’s got coming to him. He doesn’t even deserve death, that’s to easy. Leave him in there for ever locked up from the outside world the way he taught everyone else to live. The stories about the children are all “True” my daughter told me of many children who bore children from him. After all this he will have his ultimate day in court And the real judge will hand down his sentence “Eternal Damnation”

  16. My name is Charles Ortiz. I was born and raised in NYC. I remember York and all that. I myself became involved with religion but not ever with York. I was very fortunate to have befriended a real messiah, Don Italo Montare, lifelong member of the American Communist Party and a die hard Marxist. Mr. Montare reminded me of my identity as a Latino man, my responsibility to my two children (who are also Afro-American by their mother,) and the ebb and flow of social change that marks capitalism and the evolution of society. Through studying history and analysis of human nature I came to realize how religion is truly nothing more than a drug to distort the public. My life is happy but I wish I could say the same for everyone out there who vacillate to and fro with the belief in ‘Supreme Beings.’ Look more to leaders who have given their lives for a cause and you will find an example.

  17. I found myself in a crossroad because I no longer believed in religion. I had no guidance when I would ask questions in my christian faith. The problem was I was asked to live by faith and not by any facts. I have always been a freethinker and my first question was always why and the how followed. I can’t tell any of you what to think, but I can say you should be thinking for yourself. I agree with segregation and I believe people should be allowed to live their lives how they choose. I don’t want to pray to any God who have lost so many lives by his name alone. I believe our hell is here on Earth and my children should not be scared into living the way an outdated book tells them to. Religion has been corrupt for years and many pastors have mansions and cars and their parishioners are on welfare giving the church all they have. Why do we not speak of these men? I think respect should be given because I haven’t heard any of the people defending Dr. York calling any of the people who are speaking against him out of their names. To the man who found Jesus Christ after leaving Dr. York’s group I am happy for you if that is where your spirit feels most at ease. Your daughter telling you about it is way different than you experiencing it for yourself. You were separated from her for 26 years so how can you really know her. You had no hand in raising her or helping her to become the woman she is. If you truly believe Malachi York is a horrible person then you have to also fear that he raised your child to be horrible as well. The president of the United States lives in a huge mansion paid for by the government. Paid for by we the people. The president has cars, helicopter, planes, boats, and jets that are all maintained by we the people. We have families with no food who are living way below the poverty level who would just want descent shelter. The christian faith teaches us not to judge but we constantly do so. No one died under the leadership of this man and for the most part I have been around his people and they seem at peace. I like the idea of loving myself and learning of the true strength I possess. It may be things I do not always believe but because I was taught to look for facts instead of faith when those moments come I will be able to think. If we truly believe in our justice system and rehabilitation of our prisons then even if you believe he is guilty then don’t you think 135 years is excessive. I think everyone can be rehabilitated and I think he should have an opportunity to spend the last years of his lives with his family who loves him. Many Christians are not educated but who is to say that book smarts will save your soul. Many slaves prayed to Jesus every night and salvation never came. We are still looked at as fourth- class citizens. Black people claim to be native american, caucasian, and latino so why can’t this group claim to be from different places as well. We all know we had to start from somewhere and how far fetched is it that a man came from the sky and made all of this from thin air but we call nature mother. I have seen some truth in every religion but none of these religions have on going teachings. Time has changed and we are now a world built upon technology most of these old books can not tell us how to handle these things because they never knew they would exist. If God is all knowing then he should never need us to fear him. I should never have to make any sacrifices to him. I shouldn’t be in church symbolically drinking his blood and eating his body. If you ask me that sounds like a cult. Dr. York teaches love and community and even if you don’t believe in his other teachings the foundation has to mean something. I would much rather my children to be free in a community that isn’t conventional instead of being a part of this society whose main goal is to make them criminals, basketball players, gangster rappers, gangsters, and to make them think their beauty can only be seen with straight hair… pink lipstick… contacts… and no clothes on.

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  19. I say this with much respect to you and your site but What i don’t get wether York is right or wrong is y did you create a whole website to discredit a man who you call insane…you give him that much more of a platform to be noticed by intensely delving into what you disbelieve about his beliefs…the same way he has his own interpretation of the truth the men you view works as credible in the beginning of this article thats there interpretation of the truth…the absolute unconditional reality of truth resonates within everyone who has a heart and mind to listen to the unseen vibrational frequencies of the spirit i don’t follow religion but buddhism is the closest representation of this…I don’t follow York but there are some things you credited him for but called subliminally insane(thru indirect words) that I look at and can see truth behind wether his interpretation of it is fact or not but even in sitchens book one of the first civilization were aegyptians(which are Africans and had an even earlier name then what we know them as today) but in all hieroglyphs the pharoah/atlantean Osiris/Asar is depicted with green skin this is put on that wall by design and for a reason…i say ALL this to say everyone who takes the time to read my comment do not follow any man or woman no matter how intellectual /spiritual they may seem let the truth resonate within you become your own light and it will guide you too those who live in absolute truth of unconditioned reality…

  20. Hello, jah. As you can probably tell, I have not updated this blog for a long time and rarely check for comments. If you took a look around it would be readily evident that I did not “create a whole website to discredit a man”. This is only one post of many on my blog. I am amazed that this post still receives comments after all this time. But I think it is a testament to the power of cults on the mind.

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